heads up

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İngilizce - Türkçe
(Askeri) Bir hava önlemesinde "Düşman geçildi (kısmen veya tamamen) " veya "hedefle birleşme pozisyonunda değilim" anlamında bir kod
1. Uyarı.2. Uyarmak amacıyla söylenen ifade. Dikkatli ol!
İngilizce - İngilizce
Alternative spelling of heads-up
Containing only two players
Used as an informal warning, caution, or call for attention; pay attention!

Heads up! The boss is coming.

Used as a warning to look out for danger especially overhead or to clear a passageway
You can't play the game with your head down The game is played on the ground, but not with it The head must be up to see what is going on at all times on a baseball field
A play between only two players
A game where only two players remain in contention for the pot
Used as a warning to watch out for a potential source of danger, as at a construction site
{ü} watch out!, be careful! (cry of warning that indicates that danger is approaching)
A pot that is being contested by only two players - "It was heads up by the turn "
With head directly above the neck, eyes front

A heads-up posture meant the pilot couldn't pay attention to his instruments.

Alert; vigilant

Getting those marbles off the red carpet was a real heads-up move.

A warning or call to pay attention; an advisory notice

Send everyone a heads-up about the inspection tomorrow.

fully alert and watchful; "played heads-up ball
{i} warning that indicates that danger is approaching; something that requires attention; (nickname for) resourceful and perceptive person
One-on-one poker
A heads-up race is one-on-one racing with no handicap
Play between only two players We decided to play a heads-up freezeout to settle the argument
fully alert and watchful; "played heads-up ball"
A message warning of an upcoming event
{s} alert, watchful, resourceful
heads up