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İngilizce - Türkçe
resimde karşıdan gelen kuvvetli ışığın pencere gibi yerlerin kenarlarından taşmas
{i} donukluk
(Tıp) Işığın ters yönden gelişi nedeniyle cisimlerin bulanık görülmesi, ışığın uygunsuz aksedişi sonucu görüş alanının netliğini kaybedişi, halasyon
İngilizce - İngilizce
the action of light surrounding some object as if making a halo
the blurring of light around a bright area of a photographic image, or on a television screen
A term originally used in photography to denote the process by which the image in a developed emulsion is spread beyond the bounds of the incident light Is used to describe the spreading of light from one order to the next in an échelle spectrogram
The fringe or halo which sometimes occurs around very heavily exposed image points as the excess light, penetrating the emulsion layer, is reflected back to the emulsion from the surfaces of the film base It is reduced in modern films by dyeing the film base material itself or by the application of a dyed gelatin layer on the film back, called the anti-halation or anti-halo backing
A spreading or reflection of light, a halo-like effect The effect produced by cove lighting or reverse channel letters
Blurred effect at the edges of a highlight area of a photograph caused by reflection of light that passed through the film The light is reflected from either the surface of the film or the camera back >/td>
Is a diffused ring of light typically formed around small brilliant highlight areas in the subject It is caused by light passing straight through the emulsion and being reflected back by the film base on the light sensitive layer This records slightly out of register with the original image
A defect of photographic films and plates Light forming an image on the film is scattered by passing through the emulsion or by reflection at the emulsion or base surfaces This scattered light causes a local fog which is especially noticeable around images of light sources or sharply defined highlight areas
An appearance as of a halo of light, surrounding the edges of dark objects in a photographic picture
{i} white halo (Photography)
A halo ghost image or fog caused by reflection of rays of light from the base to the emulsion or by internal scattering of light within the film
(n ) The "glowing" effect of screen elements reflecting light