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İngilizce - Türkçe
short for "good luck"
"iyi şanslar" ın kısaltması
dili asker
Joe asker
İngilizce - İngilizce
Common misspelling of Gl., the prefix for Gliese catalog of nearby stars
by extension, prefix for any catalogued in the Gliese star catalog and expansions
the prefix of catalog entries in the Gliese star catalog, for initial catalog
(Chemistry) lightweight metallic element (former name of beryllium)
Glass, all grades
Grand Larceny
A graphics package from Silicon Graphics
General Ledger
Greenland (in Internet addresses). gloss (explanatory note)
Gigalitre (1,000,000,000 Litres)
Green Lantern, a DC comic
Originally SGI's hardware dependent Graphics Library, now ported to OGL, the Open Graphics Library, a set of standard functional interfaces that can be hosted anywhere that has any graphics capabilities
Good luck
Group Leader See Group Leader
Common nickname for OpenGL (Open Graphics Library) SGI originally developed a graphics library called IrisGL for their high-end 3D hardware They made some clever changes to make it work on any platform and renamed it OpenGL Very recently SGI relaxed their restrictions for licensing and also released conformance tests for OpenGL OpenGL abstracts 3D operations such as projections, lighting, rendering, texturing, matrix operations, etc, making it very easy for developers to produce high quality 3D applications