listen to the pronunciation of gibber
İngilizce - İngilizce
To jabber, talk rapidly and unintelligibly or incoherently
boulder, stone
gibberish, unintelligible speech
{v} to talk unintelligibly
{f} stutter; mumble; speak in an inarticulate manner; chatter, babble
unintelligible talking
{i} inarticulate speech, stuttering; chattering, foolish speech
If you say that someone is gibbering, you mean that they are talking very fast and in a confused manner. Everyone is gibbering insanely, nerves frayed as showtime approaches I was a gibbering wreck by this stage. = babble. to speak quickly in a way that is difficult to understand, especially because you are very frightened or shocked jabber gibber with (From the sound)
A balky horse
speak (about unimportant matters) rapidly and incessantly
To talk unintelligibly or incoherently
chatter inarticulately; of monkeys
To speak rapidly and inarticulately
gibber plain
A large desert pavement
gibber plains
plural form of gibber plain
past of gibber
{s} stuttering; chattering
present participle of gibber
third-person singular of gibber