gerginlik artışı

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Türkçe - İngilizce
(Askeri) escalation
a deliberate or premeditated increase in the violence or geographic scope of a conflict
A clause, usually in long-term supply contracts, which provides for periodic price adjustment based on variations in any or all cost factors "Escalating prices" are the opposite of "firm" prices, which are not subject to change over the life of a contract
The act of advancing an issue to the next appropriate level for resolution
an increase or rise, especially one to counteract a perceived discrepancy
an increase to counteract a perceived discrepancy; "higher wages caused an escalation of prices"; "there was a gradual escalation of hostilities"
Demanding the total repayment of a debt When a homeowner does not make payments on time, there comes a point when the lender can demand the loan be paid off in full
Process of forwarding a User’s support call to an expert Support Representative or one of the application’s developers
Increasing the level of fighting
{i} increase, intensification
an increase to counteract a perceived discrepancy; "higher wages caused an escalation of prices"; "there was a gradual escalation of hostilities
Escalation is an increase in the intensity of a conflict When a conflict escalates, the people involved (disputants) move from gently opposing positions to more forceful, confrontational tactics The number of parties involved may increase, and the number of issues under discussion may grow Also, when a dispute escalates, the parties may want more than just to win-they may also want to hurt their opponent Conflict can escalate quickly but may take much longer to calm down, or de-escalate
The process of increasing the stated urgency or priority of an incident so that it gets more attention
The right reserved by the lender to increase the amount of the payments and/or interest upon the happening of a certain event
Escalation is an increase in intensity of a conflict According to Dean Pruitt and Jeffery Rubin (1986, 7-8), as a conflict escalates, the disputants change from relatively gentle opposition to heavier, more confrontational tactics The number of parties tends to increase, as do the number of issues, and the breadth of the issues (that is, issues change from ones which are very specific to more global concerns) Lastly disputants change from not only wanting to win themselves, but also wanting to hurt the opponent While conflicts escalate quickly and easily, de-escalation, a diminishing of intensity, is often much harder to achieve
Passing information and/or requesting action on an Incident, Problem or Change to more senior staff (hierarchical escalation) or other specialists (functional escalation) The circumstances in which either vertical escalation for information/authority to apply further resources or horizontal escalation for greater functional involvement need to be precisely described, so that the purpose of the escalation and the nature of the required response is absolutely clear to all parties as the escalation occurs Escalation rules will be geared to priority targets Functional Escalation is sometimes called Referral
Refers to the increase in benefit (usually annual) payable during the payment term of an insurance claim that is not settled via a lump sum payment For example, claims under an Income Protection Policy might escalate annually in line with the Retail Price Index
(synonym/can be used interchangeably with Provocation): Any act of violence or resistance by the Palestinians
gerginlik artışı