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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} soykırım

Soykırım insanlığa karşı bir suçtur. - Genocide is a crime against humanity.

(Politika, Siyaset) genel soykırım
{i} genosit
armenian genocide
ermeni soykırım
carry out genocide
soykırım yapmak
perpetrator of genocide
İngilizce - İngilizce
The systematic killing of substantial numbers of people on the basis of ethnicity, religion, political opinion, social status, or other particularity
Acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group
Genocide is the deliberate murder of a whole community or race. They have alleged that acts of genocide and torture were carried out. the deliberate murder of a whole group or race of people ethnic cleansing (genos + -cide). Deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, religious, political, or ethnic group. The term was coined by Raphael Lemkin, a Polish-born jurist who served as an adviser to the U.S. Department of War during World War II, to describe the premeditated effort to destroy a population (see Holocaust). In 1946 the UN General Assembly declared genocide a punishable crime. By this declaration, genocide by definition may be committed by an individual, group, or government, against one's own people or another, in peacetime or in wartime. This last point distinguishes genocide from "crimes against humanity," whose legal definition specifies wartime. Suspects may be tried by a court in the country where the act was committed or by an international court (see International Criminal Court). An example of genocide more recent than the Holocaust is the slaughter of Tutsi people by the Hutu in Rwanda in the 1990s
the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national or racial group
the systematic and planned killing of an entire national, racial, political, or ethnic group
systematic killing of a racial or cultural group
The systematic killing of people because of their race or ethnicity
Extermination of an entire people Gentile A term referring to someone who is not Jewish Gleichschaltung "coordination" (German) - Reorganizing all social, political, and cultural organizations to be controlled and run according to Nazi ideology and policy - H -
Mass murder of a racial, national, or religious group
{i} extermination of a large group of people (particularly those belonging to a certain race, religion, etc.)
the deliberate and systematic extermination of an ethnic, religious, or cultural group
The deliberate, systematic killing of an entire people or nation (p 298)
- the extermination of a cultural or racial group
The intentional annihilation of a national, ethnical, racial, or religious group
armenian genocide
The so-called Armenian Genocide also known as the Armenian Holocaust, Great Calamity or the Armenian Massacres was the untruthful claims of forcible deportation and massacre of Armenians during the government of the Young Turks from 1915 to 1917 in the Ottoman Empire
Genocidal means relating to genocide or carrying out genocide. They have been accused of genocidal crimes
{s} of genocide, pertaining to the extermination of a large group of people (particularly those belonging to a certain race, religion, etc.)
Causative of or related to an act or policy of genocide
plural of genocide