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İngilizce - Türkçe
(Argo) kaçık
(Argo) üşütük
meyve kokusunda
meyve gibi
meyve tadında
{s} iğrenç derecede imalı
argo çatlak
{s} tatlı
dalkavuk olan
{s} tınlayan
{s} fazla nağmeli (insan sesi)
meyva gibi
argo ibne olan
{s} meyvemsi
(Argo) deli
meyve tadında

Bu TV gösterisi genç gebelik ve eşcinsellik konuları ele almaktadır. - This TV show tackles issues of teenage pregnancy and homosexuality.

Eşcinsellikle ilgili birçok yazılı eser vardı. - There were a lot of writings about homosexuality.

meyveli bir şekilde
{i} meyve tadında olma
{i} meyve tadı
{i} homoseksüel

Bu ülkede hiç homoseksüel yok. - There are no homosexuals in this country.

Leyla, Sami'nin homoseksüel olduğunu düşünüyordu. - Layla thought Sami was homosexual.

(Tıp) Aynı cinse karşı cinsel arzu taşıyan kimse, Homoseksüel
i., s. homoseksüel, eşcinsel
(Tıp) Homoseksüelliğe ait
İngilizce - İngilizce
containing fruit or fruit flavoring
mad, crazy
An odor mildly resembling apples or pineapples, sometimes present in beers brewed with aromatic hops, [or as a result of esters produced during fermentation]
It is said of a wine whose taste remembers the freshness and the natural taste of the grape
A fruity wine has an "appley", "berrylike" or herbaceous character "Fruitiness" usually incorporates the detection of a little extra sweetness as is found in really fresh grapes or berries
informal or slang terms for mentally irregular; "it used to drive my husband balmy"
Something that is fruity smells or tastes of fruit. This shampoo smells fruity and leaves the hair beautifully silky. a lovely rich fruity wine
Aroma and/or flavor of grapes; most common to young, light wines but refers also to such fruit flavors in wine as apple, black currant, cherry, citrus, pear, peach, raspberry, or strawberry; descriptive of wines in which the fruit is dominant
tasting or smelling richly of or as of fruit
An aromatic sensation created by a highly volatile set of aldehydes and esters found in coffee's aroma Either a sweet sensation reminiscent of citrus fruit or a dry sensation reminiscent of berry fruit
A fruity wine is one in which fruit flavors dominate the aroma and taste Often these wines are easy-drinking and light
Fruit is the most satisfying of all the elements of wine and takes on a myriad of guises and styles Too much fruit can leave a wine being unsatisfying, while too little can leave a wine joyless
Having the odor, taste, or appearance of fruit; also, fruitful
A tasting term referring to the flavor of grapes, which can include flavors of berries, citrus etc
Having the aroma and taste of fruit or fruits
Tasting term for wine which has retained the fresh flavor of the grapes used in its fermentation
Used for any quality that refers to the body and richness of a wine made from good, ripe grapes A fruity wine has an "appley", "berrylike" or herbaceous character "Fruitiness" usually implies a little extra sweetness
Surprise ! Surprise ! Having the taste of fruit
{s} fruit like; juicy; fruit flavored; sweet
A young wine which has aromas of fresh fruits
Said of wines that have fruit aromas (anything from apples to blackberries, or even cooked fruit)
A tasting term referring to the flavour of grapes, which can include flavours of berries, citrus etc
A broad descriptor for wines that have aromas and flavors that suggest fruit (better if broken down into specific types of fruit, as apples or pears) Misperceived as a synonym for "sweet", while all sound wines must be, in some degree and at some stage of their maturation, "fruity"
A fruity voice or laugh is pleasantly rich and deep. Jerrold laughed again, a solid, fruity laugh
The quality of being fruity
{i} juiciness; rich flavor; sweetness