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İngilizce - Türkçe
İngilizce - İngilizce
ornamental woodwork either carved in low relief or cut through with a fretsaw
Ornamental carving or fancywork
Open or pierced wood carving with an oriental influence, used as a decorative element in Chippendale and Chippendale-style furnishings
when elaborate and minute in its parts
The Whitworth cabinetry Collection features a decorative fretwork pattern machined through the solid stock to create an English country design theme
Ornamental shapes cut by the thin-bladed fret saw
Fretwork is wood or metal that has been decorated by cutting bits of it out to make a pattern. patterns cut into thin wood, metal etc or the activity of making these patterns (fret (14-21 centuries) (probably from frete; FRETTED) + work)
framework consisting of an ornamental design made of strips of wood or metal
Decorative patterns or elements created by cutting or piercing through a piece of wood
Hence, any minute play of light and shade, dark and light, or the like
Thin wood, cut with a very fine saw, called a fret saw, to form patterns
> The interlaced decorative design that is either perforated or carved in low relief on a solid background Most fretwork patterns are geometric in design The term is also used to indicate the tracery on glazed windows and doors
Work adorned with frets; ornamental openwork or work in relief, esp
ornamental carving, often interlaced or pierced in appearance
An ornamental band with a geometric pattern
{i} decorative work composed mainly of interwoven lines (often carved or cut out)
Wooden boards which have been saw cut in intricate repeating patterns to resemble lace work and used to elaborate the edges of verandahs and bargeboards