folsom complex

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Prehistoric culture of North America on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains that is known from stone tools. It is characterized by leaf-shaped flint projectile points having a concave base with side projections and a longitudinal groove on each face. The complex was first identified at Folsom, N.M., U.S. It includes a variety of scrapers, knives, and blades and is generally dated to 8000-9000 BC. Like the earlier Clovis complex, it is considered to be part of a Paleo-Indian big-game hunting tradition
folsom complex


    Fol·som com·plex

    Türkçe nasıl söylenir

    fōlsım kımpleks


    /ˈfōlsəm kəmˈpleks/ /ˈfoʊlsəm kəmˈplɛks/

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