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İngilizce - Türkçe
{s} muazzam
{s} çok büyük
The Beatles, İngiltere'nin Liverpool kentinde kurulmuş bir müzik grubuydu. The Beatles hem sanatsal hem de ticari başarılarıyla tarihte büyük bir üne kavuşmuştur. Modadan müziğe kadar geniş yelpazede bugünkü gelişime payları büyüktür. Grup, birçok satış rekorları kırıp elliden fazla şarkısıyla liste başarısı göstermiştir. Amerika'da büyük bir başarıya ulaşmış ilk İngiliz grubu olmuştur
from drab to fab
yeniden can katmak
İngilizce - İngilizce
A member of the Beatles
fabricate, especially in the context of fabbers

It uses digital data from a computer to “fab” products and models of new products.

A manufacturing plant which fabricates items, particularly silicon chips

Hundreds were put out of work when the chip fab shut down.

fabulous (great or spectacular). The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, third edition, Houghton Mifflin Company, p. 652 (ISBN 0-395-44895-6)
A term used to describe a factory that makes or fabricates -- hence the name -- semiconductor products like IC chips or components
{s} terrific, great (Slang)
Semiconductor fabrication facility Here, under precise conditions, silicon or other semiconductor materials are transformed along with other basic elements into semiconductors wafers, or microchips
/fab/ [from `fabricate'] v 1 To produce chips from a design that may have been created by someone at another company Fabbing chips based on the designs of others is the activity of a {silicon foundry} To a hacker, `fab' is practically never short for `fabulous' 2 `fab line': the production system (lithography, diffusion, etching, etc ) for chips at a chip manufacturer Different `fab lines' are run with different process parameters, die sizes, or technologies, or simply to provide more manufacturing volume
Stand for Fabrication facility, a place where computer components such as CPU/RAM/GPU are produced
emphasis If you say that something is fab, you are emphasizing that you think it is very good. The dancing is fab. = great. Fabrication: building a shed of metal fab. Fabulous; wonderful. extremely good (FABULOUS)
short for fabricated, as in pre-fab
Fabrication In semiconductor manufacturing, fabrication usually refers to the front-end process of making devices and integrated circuits in semiconductor wafers, but does not include the package assembly (back-end) stages
Fleet Advisory Board A group of fleet customers who advise Ford fleet on fleet issues
extremely pleasing; "a fabulous vacation"
Short for wafer fabrication facility -- a semiconductor factory Often used to refer to a semiconductor clean room back to top
short for fabulous (great or spectacular)
Fragment Antigen Binding
short for fabricate, especially in the context of fabbers
Short for fabrication
Features, Advantages, and Benefits Analysis
Fast Atom Bombardment (also FABMS)
Fijian Affairs Board
Fab Four
The Beatles
fab lab
A small scale workshop with the ability to fabricate almost everything. This includes products generally perceived as limited to mass production
fab labs
plural form of fab lab
Ab Fab
Absolutely Fabulous, a British television sitcom of the 1990s

Ab Fab developed from a sketch on the French and Saunders show.