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(Askeri) Federal Havacılık Dairesi; Yabancı Yardım Yasası (Federal Aviation Administration; Foreign Assistance Act)
Law Enforcement Assistance Unit (FAA)
(Askeri) Güvenlik Harekat Yardım Birliği (Dış Yardım Masası (FAA) )
drug investigation support program (FAA)
(Askeri) uyuşturucuyla mücadele destek programı (FAA)
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(Osmanlı Dönemi) Çobanın koyunu çağırması. Çağırıp "fâfâ" demek
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Federal Arbitration Act (9 USC 1)
Federal Aviation Administration
U.S. government organization which oversees airline safety and regulates the airline industry
aviation section of the British Royal Navy in charge of the operation of aircrafts on board its ships
Fleet Air Arm of the RAF (until July 1937, when it was control reverted to the Royal Navy)
Federal Aviation Administration: Aka the sky police This organization helps keep avaiation safe for all of us
Office within the Department of Transportation which oversees aviation operations in the United States
Federal Aviation Administration: Aka the sky police
Federal Aviation Authority
A FAA is a Financial Aid Administrator, a university employee who is involved in the financial aid process
Federal Aviation Administration; U S Agency that sets standards for aircraft safety and production requirements and investigates accidents, malfunctions and airlines
Federal Aviation Administration (STD)
Federal Aviation Administration (Division of U S DOT)
(Federal Aviation Administration) - The element of the U S government with primary responsibility for the safety of civil aviation The FAA issues and enforces regulations and minimum standards relating to the manufacture, operation, and maintenance of aircraft, including deicing
The Federal Aviation Administration is the agency of the US government that regulates aviation activity, including skydiving
Federal Aeronautics Administration Farad -- A unit of electrical capacity Fatigue Resistance -- Resistance to metal crystallization which leads to conductors or wires breaking from flexing Feedback -- Transfer of some output energy to an amplifier to its input, so as to modify its characteristic FEP -- Fluorinated ethylene propylene insulation and jacket Teflon® FHPE -- Foamed High-Density Polyethylene Fiberglass -- A yarn used for braiding when heat and moisture resistance are necessary
The Federal Aviation Administration A branch of the U S Department of transportation responsible for regulating aviation operations within the U S
an agency in the Department of Transportation that is responsible for the safety of civilian aviation
US Federal Aviation Administration Agency that regulates civilian airports and aircraft in the United States and possessions
A college or university employee who is involved in the administration of financial aid Some schools call FAAs "Financial Aid Advisors" or "Financial Aid Counselors"
the Federal Aviation Administration
Federal Aviation Administration (USA)
Federal Aviation Administration (U S )
Federal Aviation Administration, the federal agency which is responsible for the safe and efficient movement of aircraft through the National Airspace System The FAA has broad legislative authority to create and enforce Federal Aviation Regulations
Federal Aviation Administration Responsible for aviation safety in the United States Runs air traffic control system, but not airport security One of many agencies whose work will be coordinated by the new Office of Homeland Security
U S Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration
Federal Aviation Agency
Financial Aid Administrator



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