ermenistan para birimi

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Türkçe - İngilizce
(Para) dram
A small quantity of an alcoholic drink
A minute quantity; a mite
{n} the eighth of an ounce, a Grecian coin, value 14 cents
a unit of weight avoirdupois
(Dynamic Random Access Memory) This is the type of memory that is most widely used in PCs DRAM must be continually refreshed or it will lose its state (on/off), making it slower than SRAM
A dram is a small measure of whisky. a dram of whisky Would you care for a dram?. See table at currency. a small alcoholic drink, especially whisky - used especially in Scotland (drame or dragma, from drachme )
1/16 ounce or 1 771 grams
Dynamic Random Access Memory: a type of memory used in most personal computers
Dynamic Randon Access Memory The most common type of RAM chips used on DIMMs and SIMMs
Dynamic RAM
Dynamic Random Access Memory: a cheap and compact form of RAM which needs to be periodically refreshed in order to retain its contents
"Dynamic Random Access Memory" (RAM) High density, cost-effective memory chips
A weight; in Apothecaries' weight, one eighth part of an ounce, or sixty grains; in Avoirdupois weight, one sixteenth part of an ounce, or 27
Dynamic Random Access Memory Function is controlled by signal timing relationships Commonly designed in as a fast-page mode option
The currency of Armenia, divided into 100 luma
Dynamic random access memory A type of memory component used to store information in a computer system "Dynamic" means the DRAMs need a constant "refresh" (pulse of current through all of the memory cells) to keep the stored information (See also RAM and SRAM )
(Dynamic Random Access Memory)The most common form of system memory packaging DRAM can hold a charge (that is, data) for only a short period of time Therefore, to retain the data it must be refreshed periodically If the cell is not refreshed, the data is lost
(Dynamic Random-Access Memory) - The most common form of RAM DRAM can hold data for only a short time To retain data, DRAM must be refreshed periodically If the cell is not refreshed, the data disappear
Dynamic Random Access Memory Most common RAM (Random Access Memory) for PC
ermenistan para birimi