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İngilizce - İngilizce
A goal that equalizes the score
One who makes equal; a balancer
A electronic audio device for altering the frequencies of sound recordings
A network that corrects a circuit's transmission characteristics It may correct for gain-slope (nonlinear frequency response) or for delay distortion
A device used by modems to compensate for distortions caused by telephone line conditions Any combination (usually adjustable) of coils, capacitors, or resistors inserted in the transmission circuit or amplifier to improve its frequency response
A multi-band audio bandpass filter having individual gain or attenuation controls for each band Adjusting the controls shapes the overall frequency response to add emphasis or reduction of various signal frequencies, controlling the character of the overall sound result Essentially a multi-band tone control
With an equalizer, one can adjust the level of specific audio frequencies for reproduction of one's required moods in music A graphic equalizer can be pre-set or some other personal files can be created by the listener
A sliding panel to preserve the lateral stability of an aëroplane
electronic equipment that reduces frequency distortion
A device used to boost or reduce specific frequency ranges
A name for a tone control in an amplification system
a balance lever engaging the counterweight and the suspending cables of a vertical-lift span to adjust and equalize the stresses in the latter
"Tone" controls This can be as simple as one rotary knob to a very complex 1/6th octave equalization device Most Mixers have three or four bands of equalization (Low, Mid High, or Low, Low-Mid High Mid and High) Better consoles allow the two mid bands to "sweep " The operator can adjust the actual frequency of the equalization point Better still is Parametric equalization, where the operator can adjust gain, frequency and with of the band which is to be altered
a pair of hub brakes for an automobile, with equal force
a device used on RF distribution Systems to compensate for cable or amplifier loss and provide a flat overall frequency response
The 02R is equipped with a four-band, fully parametric equalizer, with variable bandwidth (Q), center frequency (F), gain (G), and ON/OFF parameters, equalization can be applied to the input channels, the tape and effect return channels, and the stereo output For stereo channels, the equalization curve is applied equally to both channels
A device that makes different pitches of sound louder or quieter and can be used for equalization It is basically a glorified bass and treble control
Based on the root word, equal, an equalizer is an audio device whose function is to equal out the tonal characteristics of a sound At least that was the idea back in the days when they were first conceived as a tool used to get flat response in telephone lines and to make up for the deficiencies in audio equipment and acoustic spaces Nowadays it could more aptly be named an "unequalizer" since they are more often used creatively to alter the relative balance of frequencies to produce desired tonal characteristics in sounds An equalizer has the ability to boost and/or cut the energy (amplitude) in specified frequency ranges by employing one or more filter circuits There are many different types of EQ's in use today in many widely varying applications, but they fundamentally all do the same thing
Any device for equalizing the pull of electromagnets; also, a conductor of low resistance joining the armature ends of the series field coils of dynamos connected in parallel
= Equalizing bar
an equivalent counterbalancing weight
{i} one who equalizes; one who makes uniform; something that has an equalizing influence; (Electronics) electronic device that adjusts frequency distortion; (Slang used in Canada and the USA) gun, weapon; (British Slang) goal that evens the score in a soccer match (also equaliser)
Electronic set of filters used to boost or attenuate certain frequencies
One who, or that which, equalizes anything
An amplifier that can boost or cut specific frequencies
electronic device used to boost or attenuate certain frequencies
a score that makes the match even
A device that boost or cuts the volume of specific frequencies in a signal
A device that permits the precise control of specific frequency ranges Examples are: Graphic, Parametric, Notch Filter, Cut only
a score that makes the match even electronic equipment that reduces frequency distortion
In sports such as football, an equalizer is a goal or a point that makes the scores of the two teams equal
An effect, often built into amps, that lets you boost or cut certain bands of the frequency spectrum, thus changing the tone See Gadgets & Gizmos, July/Aug '93
A user-adjustable device or circuit that modifies the frequency response of a signal passing through it
A device, as a bar, for operating two brakes, esp
A device which allows attenuation or emphasis of selected frequencies in the audio spectrum Equalizers usually contain many bands to allow the user a fine degree of frequency control over the sound
The signal processing device used to modify the frequency response of an audio signal So called because the first such devices were used to correct, or "equalize," the losses in a transmission line
Device that attenuates or amplifies a frequency or group of frequencies in a given audio signal
This is a device that tries to cancel out distortion on a line by "distorting" the channel in the opposite direction to the actual distortion Close this window
electronic equipment that reduces frequency distortion
A fancy name for a tone control They enable the user to boost or cut certain frequencies of an audio signal
alternative spelling of equalizer
{i} one who equalizes; one who makes uniform; something that has an equalizing influence; (Electronics) electronic device that adjusts frequency distortion; (Slang used in Canada and the USA) gun, weapon; (British Slang) goal that evens the score in a soccer match (also equaliser)
an equivalent counterbalancing weight
An equaliser is really just a row of Band Pass Filters, set at specific frequencies by adjusting these filters, you can effectively boost and cut different frequencies in the audio spectrum
Plural of equaliser
plural of equalizer
graphic equalizer
An electronic equalizer that allows one to increase or decrease a fixed set of frequency ranges in an audio system



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