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Türkçe - İngilizce
(Kimya) endpoint
The stage in a titration at which a change in the colour of an indicator indicates that no more titrant should be added
A defined occurrence during the observation period of an experiment or study
(noun) The point in a titration when the indicator changes colour This does not always happen at the equivalence point, depending on which indicator is used In a reaction between an acid and a base, the endpoint is also sometimes called the "neutralization point"
Either of the two nodes of a graph of degree 1
The point at which an experiment is brought to an end
{i} point on either side of a line marking its extremity (Mathematics)
Endpoints are arguments that define some of the communication connections used by the components Each argument is a comma-separated list of endpoints
Indicators measured in a subject or biological sample to assess the safety, efficacy, or other objective of a trial There are often primary and secondary endpoints in a particular study
the final results of an intervention such as vaccination, compared among different groups in a clinical trial In early vaccine trials, common endpoints are safety and specific types and levels of immune responses (e g , neutralizing antibodies, CTLs)
(n ) In vector graphics, the beginning or end of a line segment
a direct marker of disease progression, e g , disease symptoms or death The effectiveness of drug therapies is often determined by observing the clinical endpoints that develop over time in patients undergoing experimental treatment Contrast with surrogate marker
a direct marker of disease progression, e g , disease symptoms or death
Either of the two points at the end of a line
A type of communications connection such as a serial connection, modem, infrared beam, or AppleTalk network Also an object created from protoBasicEndpoint, or one of its derivative protos, that controls a real-time communication session This object encapsulates and maintains the details of the specific connection, and allows you to control the underlying communication tool Source: NPG
RPC: An address of a specific server instance on a host See also dynamic endpoint, well-known endpoint
The originating or destination location of a call requests Each person participating in a conference call is an endpoint
An indicator measured in a subject or biological sample to assess the safety, efficacy, or other objective of a trial See also Surrogate Marker Source: Applied Clinical Trials/Advanstar Click for their site: www advanstar com
in toxicology, a quantifiable biological change or effect caused by a toxic process Also refers to the point in an animal experiment when no more information can be obtained and the experiment is stopped
An endpoint (or indicator/target) is a characteristic of an ecosystem that may be affected by exposure to a stressor Assessment endpoints and measurement endpoints are two distinct types of endpoints commonly used by resource managers An assessment endpoint is the formal expression of a valued environmental characteristic and should have societal relevance (an indicator) A measurement endpoint is the expression of an observed or measured response to a stress or disturbance It is a measurable environmental characteristic that is related to the valued environmental characteristic chosen as the assessment endpoint The numeric criteria that are part of traditional water quality standards are good examples of measurement endpoints (targets)
enson modayı izleyen
(Tekstil) trendy
enson basınç
ultimate pressure
enson basınç dayanımı
ultimate compressive strength
enson burulma dayanımı
ultimate torsional strength
enson değer
ultimate value
enson eğilme dayanımı
ultimate bending strength
enson kesme gerilmesi
ultimate shear stress
enson çekme gerilmesi
ultimate tensile stress