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İngilizce - İngilizce
A department store
A market place or trading centre, particularly of an ancient city

Only where churchmen congregated or rulers established their emporia—licensed depots for the long-distance trade in luxuries—did any vestiges of urban life survive.

A shop that offers a wide variety of goods, often used facetiously

With a name like The Wine and Spirits Emporium, no wonder the prices are so high.

a bazaar or shop
{n} a seat of merchandise, a mart
The permanent internal descriptions of places the user works with a Newton device (Home and Office are obvious examples, but so might be "Tokyo Office" if the user travels a lot ) Choosing an emporium sets up information such as local area code, dialing prefixes, time zone, and so on This term is sometimes called "locale " The plural is "emporia " Also known as Work Site Source: NPG
A place of trade; a market place; a mart; esp
An emporium is a store or large shop. emporiums emporia a large shop
a city or town with extensive commerce; the commercial center of a country
a large retail store organized into departments offering a variety of merchandise; commonly part of a retail chain
- is a portal to which individuals and organizations can go to find resources of all kinds The Emporium is a repository of resources useful for education, parenting, and building effective organizations
The brain
A town used as a storage area for goods in transit; required protection from authorities Often at a point where the mode of shipment changed, i e , seaport city, or where camels were swithched for mules
{i} commercial center, store that sells a wide variety of goods
A markeplace
plural of emporium
plural of emporium