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İngilizce - İngilizce
The shape of the mouth and lips when playing a wind instrument

you could see the twin lines running down from either side of his lower lip, etched in by the force of his embouchure, looking like extensions of his mustache.

1 The mouthpiece of a wind instrument 2 A method of using the lips and tongue on the mouthpiece 3 Combi B92: "Nice Reed ensemble in octaves "
The shaping of the lips to the mouthpiece; as, a flute player has a good embouchure
the aperture of a wind instrument into which the player blows directly
The mouthpiece of a wind instrument
{i} estuary, mouth of a river; (Music) position of the lips and jaws and lower facial muscles when playing a wind instrument; mouthpiece of wind musical instruments
The placement of the lips, lower facial muscles, and jaws in playing a wind instrument
(FR) The way that you form your mouth around the mouthpiece of the saxophone or other wind instruments Also refers to the actual mouthpiece of a wind instrument
The mouth of a river; also, the mouth of a cannon
The manner in which one must form the mouth in order to play a wind instrument
The lips when in position for playing a brass instrument
(French) The application of the lips to the mouthpiece of a wind instrument, and the position of muscles, lips, jaws, and teeth necessary to hold that position In French, this also means the mouthpiece itself
The lip position used in playing a wind instrument The embouchure hole in a flute is the hole through which the lips blow air





    [ 'äm-bu-"shur, "äm-bu ] (noun.) 1760. From French embouchure, from emboucher.

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