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İngilizce - İngilizce
A plate, made by electroplating a mold, such as used in letterpress printing
To make such a plate
a metallic copy of any surface, as a coin
A counterfeit coin made by the electroplating process
- A copy of an art object produced by electroplating a wax impression Used in the nineteenth century to reproduce antique objects
A facsimile plate made by electrotypy for use in printing; also, an impression or print from such plate
a method of producing a facsimile by depositing metal in a mold using an electrical current Some dvb museum reproductions were first copied from the original using electrotypes
A copy or reproduction of a coin or medal made by the chemical process of electro-deposition (electroplating) These pieces, made in two halves and then glued or soldered together, can be very deceptive The best method of detection is a light tap on the rim which will not yield the charastic ringing sound of a genuine coin
A plate, made by electroplating a mold, used in letterpress printing
{i} metal printing plate created by means of electrolysis
a well-made, deceptive copy of a coin created by joining two halves together over a lead center Only one electrotype can be made at a time Electrotypes will fail the ring test and close examination will reveal a seam along the edge
A durable plate used for commercial, magazine and book printing
Also used adjectively
See Electrotype, n
To make facsimile plates of by the electrotype process; as, to electrotype a page of type, a book, etc
An electrotype
An electrotype
One who electrotypes
plural of electrotype