dunkle jahrhunderte

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dark ages
orta çağ
dark ages
karanlık çağlar
Almanca - İngilizce
dark ages
Alternative form of Dark Ages
Term in occasional use to refer to the migration period and Viking period, but unpopular because of its implication of ignorance ; most appropriately used of western Scotland before c 800, a period remarkably dark
A period of roughly nine hundred years, during which, the most significant contributions to science were the advent of the windmill and the heavy plow
The period following the fall of the Roman Empire during which Europe experienced in intellectual, civil, and social decline, generally from 476 to 1000, also called the Early Middle Ages
This is the name given to the Middle Ages from the fifth century (the decline of classical culture) through to the fourteenth century (the start of the Renaissance in Italy) because of the apparent intellectual and moral ignorance or darkness of this period
the period of history between classical antiquity and the Italian Renaissance