dropout rates

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dropout rate
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dropout rate
The report shows what percent of grade 7-12 students dropped out in the 1999–2000 school year and what percent of students dropped out in the 1998–99 school year The dropout rate standards for the school accountability rating are
dropout rate
proportion of students consisting of those who leave school during the school year and those who complete the year level but fail to enroll in the next year level the following school year, to the total number of students enrolled during the previous school year This measure is computed for every year level except for Grade I of the elementary level and First Year of the secondary level
dropout rate
Percent of students dropping out in Grades 7-12 from October of one school year through October of the next school year (Annual Dropout and October 1 Enrollment Reports)
dropout rate
The percentage of students that leave high school before receiving their diploma Students who transfer to a non-public high school or to a public high school in another state are not counted as a dropout
dropout rate
This figure represents the projected 4-year dropout rate as a measure of the cumulative proportion of the ninth grade class that would drop out prior to graduation if that year’s grade specific dropout rate were to remain constant over the four years
dropout rate
 SEQ CHAPTER \h \r 1 The number of dropouts in grades 7-12 divided by the total enrolled in those grades as of October 1 Technically, this is a "single year event" dropout rate; it is the proportion of students who leave school without completing the grade during a specific one year period
dropout rates


    drop·out rates

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    dräpaut reyts


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    ... is marked by dropout rates that are north of 50%. ...

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