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İngilizce - İngilizce
A feature of a graphical user interface whereby the user can drag a visual item across the screen and drop it in another location

Use drag and drop to move the unwanted files to the trash.

Moving (or copying) stuff from one place to another with a mouse Can be within an application, such as moving a selected paragraph in a word processor or even between two applications, such as dragging a graphic from a drawing program to a word processor
This term relates to a GUI (Graphical User Interface) You can drag a file by clicking its icon with the left-hand mouse button depressed and moving the mouse pointer - the file is dragged along When you let go of the file pointer the icon is released or dropped You can use this technique to move a file between directories
"Drag and drop" describes a particular action you can make with the mouse Click an object, such as a folder, then hold down the mouse button as you drag the object to a new location You drop the object by releasing the mouse button Drag and drop can be used to easily move, print, delete, or embed an object or file into another
To press and hold a mouse button while the mouse pointer is on an object, move the mouse pointer, then release the mouse button This moves the object to the new position A means of moving icons or data from a source to a destination
The act of clicking on an item or section and moving it to another location You can do this to move words to a different part of a document or files to another computer
A GUI concept that allows one screen object to be selected and passed as input to another screen object (icon)
To take a selection of text, or an image, and - by holding down the mouse key with the pointer over the selection - shifting it to another place in the same document
To directly manipulate an object by moving it and placing it somewhere else using a pointing device (such as a mouse)
with the mouse Use drag and drop to copy or move any item such as a document or file, or even text within a file Firstly select the item, then click and hold down the mouse button to drag the selection to its new location Letting go of the mouse button will drop the item into place Using the left mouse button to drag will usually move the item or selection (except when dragging to a different drive when a copy will take place), whilst using the right mouse button will offer a choice of move or copy Drag can also be used as a selection technique, to select a range of text click and hold the mouse then drag until all the required text is selected
The act of clicking on one icon and moving it on top of another icon to initiate a specific action Example: opening a specific Eudora mailbox by moving its icon onto the Eudora icon
(Computers) method of moving something on a computer screen (i.e. file, icon, text, etc.) by clicking on the item and repositioning it while holding down the mouse button and then releasing the button in order to "drop" the item into place
Using the mouse, click on an item to "pick it up", then hold the mouse button down while you move the mouse over a different area of the screen   Releasing the mouse button "drops" the item   This is often used to copy items from one area to another
Using the mouse to drag a file to an application and drop it there If the two are compatible the file will be opened within the application This can be useful when opening documents
The process of selecting an object (maybe an icon) on your screen by moving your cursor over it, holding down the left mouse button, dragging it to a different location, then dropping the object by releasing the left mouse button
The technique of dragging an item, such as a graphic or selected text, and dropping it on a suitable destination, such as another document
Drag an item to another location, release the mouse button, which drops the item in the new location or onto an application that will open it
A transfer mechanism where data is dragged from a source to a drop site using mouse motion
clicking on something and HOLDING the mouse button down; this allows you to move your mouse around which moves the object you clicked on; letting go of the mouse button "drops" the object
A common method for manipulating files (or on-screen objects such as text or graphics) in a graphical user interface or WIMP environment The user selects an icon, filename or other object by moving a cursor and holds a button down while "dragging" the cursor and the "attached" object to another part of the display, which might be an icon for an application program, or merely a new location for the object (as in a word-processor) The object is "dropped" from the cursor by releasing the button The meaning of this action may be modified by simultaneously pressing certain keys Human-computer interaction studies show a higher failure rate for such operations than for command-line statements, but also a higher "forgiveness rate" (Users are more likely to think "silly me" than "stupid machine" when a drag-and-drop operation gives an unintended result)
(v ) To drag an interface element to a new location in order to move, copy, or link it See also drag
The action performed when you wish to move (or copy) and object from one location to another Click and hold on an object, such as an Icon on the Desktop, drag it to another position on the Desktop and release the mouse button Drag and Drop may also be used to copy or move a file from one location to another in Windows Explorer
To click and hold down the mouse button while moving the mouse (drag), then release the mouse button (drop) For example, a common use of drag and drop is to parent objects In an explorer, click on an object node (while holding down the mouse button) and move the object over another object node, then release the mouse button
A GUI (Graphic Use Interface) concept that enables the user to select one screen object and pass it as input to another screen object (icon)
An operation in which the end user uses the mouse or other pointing device to move data to another location in the same window or another window
With both the source object and its destination visible, press and hold on the selected source object and drag the object to its destination Release the mouse button when the object is placed on its destination Drag and drop between applications copies the object Drag and drop within the same application copies the object; to move the object hold down the SHIFT key while dragging the selection
When you click your mouse once and an object and hold it, while simultaneously moving that item to a different location

The problem is that drag-drop is handled differently in various situations, so sometimes you'll need to modify your behavior to achieve the desired result.

A method of moving an object by selecting it, dragging it to the new location, and dropping it there
Editing feature that allows the user to move selected text or an object by dragging it (with the mouse) from one part of the screen to another
Feature which involves dragging a file, directory or icon from one location and "dropping" it (by releasing the mouse button) on another location
Move (drag) an object on top of another object and release the mouse button, thus relocating the object
The action of dragging an item with the mouse from one location to another, and releasing the mouse button at the destination
A graphical interface technique where actions are defined by holding down a mouse key,dragging an icon,and dropping the icon on a new object
Drag-and-drop is clicking the mouse button and holding it on a selected item, then dragging the item to a new location and releasing the mouse button
Dragging-and-dropping is the process of moving a selected item to another location by holding the left mouse button down on it, and then moving the mouse and releasing the button
Drag-and-drop is a feature that allows you to move or copy information without using the Windows Clipboard To use it, you simply drag a selected item from one location to another It is best used for moving or copying small items short distances
Editing feature that allows the user to move selected text or an object by dragging it (with the mouse) from one part of the screen to another )
You can move an item by pointing to it with the cursor, depressing the left mouse button and keeping it depressed while you drag the icon across the screen When you reach the new location for the item, you release the mouse button and the item will be 'dropped' in that spot This technique is called drag-and-drop, or click-and-drag
Drag-and-drop means to press on the object, hold the mouse button down, and drag that object (by dragging the mouse) somewhere When you get where you want to go, let go and "drop" the item in that spot
drag and drop