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İngilizce - İngilizce
A large European dung beetle, Geotrupes stercorarius, that makes a droning noise while flying
General term for flying insect which makes a loud humming noise, such as the June bug or a bumblebee
{n} an insect, the hedger chafer
To make a fool of; to deceive
A large European scaraboid beetle (Geotrupes stercorarius), which makes a droning noise while flying
Declaration of Readiness
Date of Rank
(State) Department of Revenue
dwelling, the Dora of the Romans, an ancient royal city of the Canaanites (Josh 11: 1, 2; 12: 23) It was the most southern settlement of the Phoenicians on the coast of Syria The original inhabitants seem never to have been expelled, although they were made tributary by David It was one of Solomon's commissariat districts (Judg 1: 27; 1 Kings 4: 11) It has been identified with Tantura (so named from the supposed resemblance of its tower to a tantur, i e , "a horn") This tower fell in 1895, and nothing remains but debris and foundation walls, the remains of an old Crusading fortress It is about 8 miles north of Caesarea, "a sad and sickly hamlet of wretched huts on a naked sea-beach "
Deadly Orgone energy, or DORgone is the term given by W Reich to a local transformation of dense Orgone energy continua triggered by concentrated ionizing radiation, observed during his Oranur experiment(s) Reich later came to identify this radiation with the energy emanations of decaying or putrifying living systems, and the biological process of death for which he ultimately held DOR responsible Aetherometry treats DOR energy as that segment of the continuum of ambipolar massfree electric radiation which is noxious to life, involved in aging processes and likely involved in biogenesis DOR energy supports the production of high frequency optothermal photons involved in mediating free-radical reactions
A trick, joke, or deception
Florida Department of Offender Rehabilitation Established by the Correctional Organization Act of 1975 to operate and manage the state's adult correctional system Previously, this was a division within the Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services The Florida Department of Offender Rehabilitation was later renamed the Florida Department of Corrections
Valley of Heaven
General term for flying insect which makes a loud humming noise
The name is also applied to allied American species, as the June bug
Called also dorr, dorbeetle, or dorrbeetle, dorbug, dorrfly, and buzzard clock
dor beetle
{i} large dung beetle
an alternative spelling of dumbledore
Israeli dance company
Bat-Dor dance company
Israeli dance company
louis dor
Formerly, a gold coin of France nominally worth twenty shillings sterling, but of varying value; first struck in 1640
toison dor
the order of the Golden Fleece, or its jewel
toison dor
the golden fleece; specif
toison dor
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    () From Middle English dorre, dore, from Old English dora (“humming insect”), from Proto-Germanic *durēn (“bumblebee, humming insect”), from Proto-Indo-European *dher-, *dhrēn- (“bee, hornet, drone”). Related to Middle Low German dorne (“bumblebee”), Middle Dutch dorne (“bumblebee”), Dutch dar (“drone”), Old English drān (“drone”). More at drone.

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