disapprovingly beğenmeyerek

listen to the pronunciation of disapprovingly beğenmeyerek
Türkçe - İngilizce
To have or express an unfavorable opinion
To refuse to approve; reject
{v} to censure, blame, dislike, hate
to regard with blame
consider bad or wrong
Refuse to approve; reject
{f} have reservations, express discontent; disagree, condemn
To condemn; consider wrong or inappropriate
To pass unfavorable judgment upon; to condemn by an act of the judgment; to regard as wrong, unsuitable, or inexpedient; to censure; as, to disapprove the conduct of others
If you disapprove of something or someone, you feel or show that you do not like them or do not approve of them. Most people disapprove of such violent tactics The Prime Minister made it clear that he disapproved. approve
consider bad or wrong deem wrong or inappropriate; "I disapprove of her child rearing methods
To refuse official approbation to; to disallow; to decline to sanction; as, the sentence of the court- martial was disapproved by the commander in chief
deem wrong or inappropriate; "I disapprove of her child rearing methods"
disapprovingly beğenmeyerek