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İngilizce - Türkçe
(Kimya) 2 küçük monomerin birleşmesiyle oluşan molekül. iki küçük alt birime sahip molekül
(Kimya,Tıp) dimer
(Biyokimya) ikili
(Tıp) dimerik
(Kimya) İki aynı molekülün birleşerek daha büyük boyutlu bir molekül oluşturması
excimer excited dimer laser
(İnşaat) uyarılmış dimer lazer
İngilizce - İngilizce
A molecule consisting of two identical halves, formed by joining two identical molecules, sometimes with a single atom acting as a bridge
(Kimya) A molecule or molecular complex consisting of two identical molecules linked together
a molecule formed by joining the two identical monomers
A molecule which consists of two similar (but not necessarily identical) subunits The term could also be used as a verb referring to the act of the two subunits coming together (to dimerize) 09 Oct 1997 [OMD]
a compound whose molecules are composed of two identical monomers
"Two parts", A compound that is produced by combining two of the same smaller molecules
The result of combining two molecules of the same material to obtain a new molecule with twice the original number of carbon and hydrogen atoms
Molecule formed by combination of two smaller (identical) molecules
{i} molecule formed from the combination of two identical smaller molecules (Chemistry)
a polymer containing two monomers
a complex of two protein molecules Heterodimers are complexes of two different proteins, while homodimers are complexes of two of the same protein
Literally, two parts A compound, such as N2O4, produced by combining two smaller molecules, such as NO2
of, relating to, or being a dimer
To produce, or to undergo dimerization
(Kimya) (Or dimerise) Combine with a similar molecule to form a dimer
excited dimer
(Kimya) An excimer (originally short for excited dimer) is a short-lived dimeric or heterodimeric molecule formed from two species, at least one of which is in an electronic excited state. Excimers are often diatomic and are formed between two atoms or molecules that would not bond if both were in the ground state. The lifetime of an excimer is very short, on the order of nanoseconds
Any chemical reaction in which two monomers react to form a dimer
{i} (Chemistry) process through which two identical molecules join and form one larger molecule or polymer (also dimerisation)
Türkçe - İngilizce
(Kimya,Tıp) dimer