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İngilizce - Türkçe
iki yüzeyli
çift yüzlü
{s} iki düzlemli
iki düzlemden meydana gelen
{s} v şeklinde
dihedral angle
ikidüzlemli açı
İngilizce - İngilizce
An angle between two plane surfaces
The angle between pairs of chemical bonds separated by a third bond
Consisting of, relating to or contained between two plane surfaces

dihedral angle.

The upward slope of an aircraft's wing
{a} having two sides
(n ) a flaring rock structure shaped much like an open book Often conducive to "stemming" techniques
hydrodynamically, the designed angle between the planing surface of the sponson and the surface of the water, measured laterally inside to outside; a negative angle is called anhedral
{s} having two plane faces (Mathematics)
An inside corner where two planes of rock come together at about a nintey degree angle Also called an open book
n a flaring rock structure shaped much like an open book Often conducive to "stemming" techniques
Of wing pairs, inclined at an upward angle to each other
The V-shaped bend in the wing Typically, more dihedral causes more aerodynamic stability in an airplane, and causes the rudder to control both the roll and yaw axis This is why some trainers and sailplanes require only 3 channels of radio control--i e , having no ailerons
Wings of a flying bird held at an angle appearing to form a "V" No picture yet
The upward sweep angle of the wing panels It determines the planes stability
a corner on a rock face with a wide angle
Having two plane faces; as, the dihedral summit of a crystal
when the angle between the upper sides is less than 180°
The uptilt of wing panels toward the tips Dihedral is applied for purposes of stability and to provide a turning moment for rudder-only models
upward or positive slope of the wings or tail flats (anhedral is the downward or negative slope)
The upward sweep of the wings, when viewed from the front Dihedral aids an aeroplane's stability in roll In early aircraft this was "rigged-in" by tightening the appropriate bracing wires The opposite of dihedral is Anhedral, where the wings droop downwards from the fuselage to their tips Press 'Back' to return
The upward slope of an aircrafts wing
{i} angle between an aircraft wing and the horizontal; angle that is formed by two planes (Mathematics)
The upward angle of the wings from the fuselage Dihedral increases stability and decreased aerobatic ability
Of a kite or an aëroplane, having wings that make with one another a dihedral angle, esp
Consisting of relating to or contained between two plane surfaces
The Dihedral of a wing is the V-shape the wing makes or the angle between the wing and the horizontal Usually the greater the dihedral angle the more stable the aircraft will be (to a point!) and is common in trainer type aircraft A flat wing with little or no dihedral is less stable and more suited to aerobatics
An upward angling of the wings from the root (center) outward when viewed from the front - dihedral provides roll stability
dihedral angle
The angle between two planes
dihedral angles
plural form of dihedral angle
dihedral group
The group of rotations and reflections of a regular polygon
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