listen to the pronunciation of didiş
Türkçe - İngilizce
To quarrel in a tiresome, insulting manner

They bickered about dinner every evening.

{v} to dispute about trifles, quiver
{f} quarrel, squabble, dispute, argue
To move quickly and unsteadily, or with a pattering noise; to quiver; to be tremulous, like flame
To contend in petulant altercation; to wrangle
A fight with stones between two parties of boys
A skirmish; an encounter
A wrangle; also, a noise,, as in angry contention
a quarrel about petty points
A small wooden vessel made of staves and hoops, like a tub
When people bicker, they argue or quarrel about unimportant things. I went into medicine to care for patients, not to waste time bickering over budgets as states bicker over territory He is still bickering with the control tower over admissible approach routes. = squabble + bickering bick·er·ing The election will end months of political bickering. to argue, especially about something very unimportant (bicken )
argue over petty things; "Let's not quibble over pennies"
To skirmish; to exchange blows; to fight