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İngilizce - Türkçe
(Askeri) yön bulma; dağılma faktörü; İşlem Formu (direction finding; dispersion factor; disposition form)
direction finder
istikamet bulucusu
direction finder
(Askeri) istikamet bulucu
direction finder
yön bulucu alet
direction finder
yön sinyali alıcısı
direction finder
(Askeri) İSTİKAMET BULUCU, KESTİRME ALETİ: Bknz. "radio direction finder"
İngilizce - İngilizce
Distrito Federal, a state of Brazil
direction finder
report number of free disk blocks and files
direction-finding SP - self-propelled
Don't Fragment
methylphosphonic difluoride
Default settings diagram; used in conjunction with prototyping to define the standard appearance of alphanumeric screen forms See ASF
Double-faced section Can be a low countertop type of range (as are often found in reference areas) or the more traditional tall ranges, which average about 90" high The tall df sections average 14 shelves (7 per side)
Dedicated File: the intermediate level of a card's file structure DFs can hold data, EFs or other DFs
Directory Facilitator
Direction Finding
Direction Finder, radio equipment that triangulates the position of a signal, also part of a GPS
Standard abbreviation for divine focus
IP packet bit indicating it should not be fragmented The remote host will return ICMP notifications if the packet had to be split anyway, and these are used in MTU discovery
A smart card directory file that holds other files
General Data Flow System
The Dreamed Figure is the person the MGDreamer creates in the dream to do PERSONhood convincingly in the dream
The Don't Fragment bit carried in the flags field
apparatus for determining the source of a conveyed signal, radio signal receiver
Don't Fragment (IP header flag)
report file system disk usage