dead duck

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İngilizce - Türkçe
ölü ördek
be a dead duck
başarısızlığa eli mahkum olmak
be a dead duck
hiç şansı olmamak
İngilizce - İngilizce
A project that is doomed to failure from the start

The government decision meant that the proposed boycott of South African goods was a dead duck.

One who is in serious danger or trouble

She's a dead duck if she starts flirting with my boyfriend!.

emphasis If you describe someone or something as a dead duck, you are emphasizing that you think they have absolutely no chance of succeeding. One doomed to failure or to death. a plan, idea etc that is not worth considering because it is very likely to fail
dead; worthless; something useless; in trouble
something doomed to failure; "he finally admitted that the legislation was a dead duck"; "the idea of another TV channel is now a dead duck"; "as theories go, that's a dead duck
dead ducks
plural form of dead duck

They are dead ducks if they are still in the car when it explodes!.

look like a dead duck in a thunderstorm
{f} be ugly, be unattractive, be messy
dead duck