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Englisch - Türkisch
sonsuz büyük sayı
(Matematik,Teknik) belirsiz büyük sayı
Englisch - Englisch
An unspecified large number (of)

We are certainly not blaming lower socioeconomic families for not talking to their kids - there are probably a zillion reasons why that happens.

{s} in a huge amount, very much (Slang)
Amount of times Mom must have gone to the supermarket already this week
{i} (Slang) many, huge amount (from millions or trillions)
(zil*yen) n The number of times you ask someone to take out the trash, then end up doing it yourself anyway
very large indeterminate number; "a zillion people were there"
emphasis If you talk about a zillion people or things, you are emphasizing that there is an extremely large number of them. It's been a zillion years since I've seen her. a very large number of things (Z as the last in a series + million)
very large indeterminate number; "a zillion people were there
plural of zillion