zero in on

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Englisch - Türkisch
Bir konu üzerinde yoğunlaşmak, dikkatini vermek
{k} dikkatini (bir şeyin) üstüne çevirmek; tüm dikkatini (bir şeyin) üzerinde toplamak
(Askeri) Belirli bir hedef ayarlamak, bütün gayretini
dikkatini vermek
Englisch - Englisch
To concentrate or focus one's attention on at task

One member of the check fraud team will zero in on the fingerprints.

To successfully narrow down a search

See if you can zero in on the caller.

To aim precisely at a target

The pilot zeroed in on the bunker and launched a guided missile.

To converge on something

At the spring sale, everyone zeroed in on the bargain clothes.

Focus on, concentrate on, home in on, centre on, fix on, pinpoint; zoom in on
If you zero in on a problem or subject, you give it your full attention. Many of the other major daily newspapers have not really zeroed in on the problem = home in on
To zero in on a target means to aim at it or move towards it. He raised the binoculars again and zeroed in on an eleventh-floor room. = home in on
zero in on