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Englisch - Englisch
The west wind personified
The god of the West Wind
a light wind from the west
any thing of fine, soft, or light quality, especially fabric
any light refreshing wind; a gentle breeze
any soft, gentle wind
{n} a soft wind, the west wind
a light refreshing wind; a gentle breeze
(Greek mythology) the Greek god of the west wind
any soft, gentle breeze
God of the Wind
The famous blade wielded by Kaylyn, taken by her from Loni's shrine in the south of the Minor Continent Also, and not coincidentally, the name of Kaylyn's beloved Windrunner stallion
Middle English Zephirus Zephyrus from Latin Zephyrus from Greek Zephuros -- Seph28
The west wind; poetically, any soft, gentle breeze
{i} breeze; breeze blowing from the west; lightweight worsted fabric
Warm pleasant breeze Named after the mythical Greek god of wishful thinking, false hopes and unrelaiable forecasts
The Lincoln Zephyr was introduced for the 1936 model year It had a V-12 engine and the car's styling was considered radical and futuristic In 1940 the Continental became part of the Zephyr line In 1977 Mercury offered the Zephyr line, which was identical in nearly all aspects to the mid-size Fairmont The Zephyr was discontinued after the 1983 model year
a soft gentle wind (zephyrus , from zephyros)
a small town in india
a slight wind (usually refreshing); "the breeze was cooled by the lake"; "as he waited he could feel the air on his neck"
Any soft, gentle breeze See Zephyros
The west wind
a motor car made (some time ago) by Ford in the United Kingdom
A Mediterranean term for any soft, gentle breeze
ZEPHYR Co., Ltd.
{i} Japanese company engaged in the trading and brokerage of real estate
zephyr cloth
lightweight worsted fabric
zephyr lily
Any of several plants of the genus Zephyranthes, native to tropical America, having grasslike leaves and solitary, funnel-shaped, variously colored flowers. Also called fairy lily, rain lily
plural of zephyr