wrapped around

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wrap around
wrap around
wrap around
be wrapped around someone's finger
(deyim) Birinin eline düşmek
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wrapped around someone's little finger
{s} at someone's beck and call, obedient to someone's wishes, subject to someone's requests or commands
wrapped one's head around
Simple past tense and past participle of wrap one's head around
wrap around
A tap of the 10-pin when the 6-pin appears to "wrap around" it, missing it
wrap around
{i} shot in bowling where the 6th pin almost hits the 10 pin but spins directly around it and leaves it standing (Bowling)
wrap around
or run around an illustration or other non-text element on the page
wrap around
A shot on which the 6-pin almost hits the 10-pin but spins right around it, leaving it standing
wrap around
vi (also n `wraparound' and v shorthand `wrap') 1 [techspeak] The action of a counter that starts over at zero or at `minus infinity' (see {infinity}) after its maximum value has been reached, and continues incrementing, either because it is programmed to do so or because of an overflow (as when a car's odometer starts over at 0) 2 To change {phase} gradually and continuously by maintaining a steady wake-sleep cycle somewhat longer than 24 hours, e g , living six long (28-hour) days in a week (or, equivalently, sleeping at the rate of 10 microhertz) See also {phase-wrapping}
wrapped around


    wrapped a·round

    Türkische aussprache

    räpt ıraun


    /ˈrapt ərˈoun/ /ˈræpt ɜrˈaʊn/


    [ 'rap ] (verb.) 14th century. Middle English wrappen.

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