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A spontaneous expression of delight or joy

Whoopee! I won!.

noisy and boisterous revelry
{ü} enthusiastic shout
feelings People sometimes shout `whoopee' when they are very happy or excited. I can have a lie in tomorrow. Whoopee! = hooray. make whoopee a) to go out and enjoy yourself b) to have sex
{i} merriment, excitement, celebration
whoopee cushion
An inflatable bag containing a valve at its neck that retains the air in the bag until pressure is put on it (usually by someone unintentionally sitting on it after it has been placed on a chair by someone else as a practical joke), when the air is expelled with a sound similar to that of someone breaking wind
whoopee do
An expression used to show that one finds something unimpressive or insignificant

If I wait 15 days longer I can save up to 10 cents? Wow, whoopee do.

whoopee pie
A sweet snack consisting of a sandwich of two flat, round cakes with a cream filling
Alternative form of whoopee do
whoopee cushion
a rubber bag filled with air that makes a noise like a fart when you sit on it
make whoopee
To engage in sexual intercourse
make whoopee
To enjoy oneself in a boisterous manner
making whoopee
Present participle of make whoopee

I was making whoopee with Adrian when my dad came in, how embarrassing!.

interjection whoopee 1
a shout of happiness (whoop)
make whoopee
behave wildly, act riotously



    Türkische aussprache



    /ˈhwo͞oˈpē/ /ˈhwuːˈpiː/


    [ '(h)wu-(")pE, '(h)wü-; (h ] (interjection.) 1845. irregular from 2whoop.

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