white horses

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white horse
köpüklü dalga
white horse
beyaz at
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plural form of white horse
waves in the sea or on a lake that are white at the top American Equivalent: whitecaps
white horse
heroin, cocaine
white horse
a wave that is blown by the wind such that its crest is broken up and appears white and foamy; a whitecap
white horse
any of several horse-shaped chalk figures in England, such as the Uffington White Horse
white horse
It resembles blubber, but contains no oil
white horse
A large mass of tough sinewy substance in the head of sperm whales, just above the upper jaw and extending in streaks into the junk above it
white horse
Also, the part of the head in which it occurs
white horses


    White hors·es

    Türkische aussprache

    hwayt hôrsız


    /ˈhwīt ˈhôrsəz/ /ˈhwaɪt ˈhɔːrsəz/

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