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the lash of a whip
To jerk back and forth; to buffet
To lash as if with a whip
an injury to the upper spine caused by a violent jerk of the head in either a backward or forward or side to side direction
{n} a lash on the small end of a whip
Alternating buy and sell signals that result in losses
a quick blow with a whip
The lash of a whip, - - usually made of thongs of leather, or of cords, braided or twisted
A condition caused by sudden forwards/backwards direction changes, or rapid start and stops on a coaster Headrests are often added to prevent this injury from happening
Whiplash is a neck injury caused by the head suddenly moving forwards and then back again, for example in a car accident. His wife suffered whiplash and shock. a neck injury caused when your head moves forward and back again suddenly and violently, especially in a car accident
An injury to the head and neck of an occupant of a vehicle The action is somewhat prevented by head restraints
{i} lashing with a whip; injury to the neck caused by a sudden jolt
A neck injury that occurs as the result of a sudden backward and forward whipping movement of the neck This sudden, forceful movement often stretches or sprains the ligaments and muscles which hold the spinal segments within a critical range of movement or position
an injury to the neck (the cervical vertebrae) resulting from rapid acceleration or deceleration (as in an automobile accident)
Poplar term for hyperextension-hyperflexion
Damage to soft tissues in the cervical spine resulting from sudden sharp movements
A whiplash
plural of whiplash



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    /ˈhwəpˌlasʜ/ /ˈhwɪpˌlæʃ/


    [ 'hwip-"lash, 'wip- ] (noun.) circa 1580. whip +‎ lash

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