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Englisch - Türkisch
küçük köşe rafı
{i} biblo rafı
{i} belirsiz şey
{i} etajer
biblo raf
Englisch - Englisch
Other related objects or ideas

All of the cakes and whatnot have been laid out, ready for the children's birthday party this afternoon.

A freestanding set of shelves on which ornaments are displayed
A small unspecified object; bric-a-brac (in plural)
Tall stand of four or five display shelves and sometimes a drawer in the base
A kind of stand, or piece of furniture, having shelves for books, ornaments, etc
miscellaneous curios
mobile stand with open shelves
other related objects or ideas; et cetera
an étagère
A lightweight piece of occasional furniture made up of a tier of open shelves Used to display curios
A mobile stand/cart with open shelves
{i} anything, unspecified item; set of open shelves
vagueness People sometimes say `and whatnot' or `or whatnot' after mentioning one or more things, to refer in a vague way to other things which are similar. The women were there in their jeans and T-shirts and overalls and whatnot The council can send messages or letters or whatnot in Spanish to their constituents. = whatever. and whatnot an expression used at the end of a list of things when you do not want to give the names of everything (what not?)
> Central table with stepped tiers
and whatnot
And so on; et cetera
and whatnot
and anything else, and what you please



    Türkische aussprache



    /ˈhwətˌnät/ /ˈhwʌtˌnɑːt/


    [ 'hwät-"nät, 'wä ] (pronoun.) 1540. what +‎ not


    ... like surgical slides and whatnot because it seems like ...
    ... walking or running or whatnot. ...