wall street

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amerikan para piyasası

Tom Amerikan para piyasasında birkaç yıl çalıştıktan sonra hayal kırıklığına uğradı. - Tom became disillusioned after working on Wall Street for a few years.

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wall street
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The physical street in lower Manhattan and the financial institutions located (or formerly located) there
: American financial markets, financial institutions as a whole, or by extension, big-business interests
world financial center located in Manhattan (New York City)
Wall Street is a street in New York where the Stock Exchange and important banks are. Wall Street is often used to refer to the financial business carried out there and to the people who work there. On Wall Street, stocks closed at their second highest level today Wall Street seems to be ignoring other indications that consumers are spending less. Street in New York City where many major U.S. financial institutions are located. The street, in southern Manhattan, is narrow and short and extends only about seven blocks from Broadway to the East River. It was named for an earthen wall built by Dutch settlers in 1653 to repel an expected English invasion. Even before the Civil War it was recognized as the nation's financial capital, and it remains a worldwide symbol of high finance. The Wall Street, or financial, district contains the New York Stock Exchange, the American Stock Exchange, and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The district is also the headquarters for many investment banks, securities dealers, utilities and insurance companies, and brokerage firms
The main drag in New York City's financial district, although the term is used mostly to refer to the establishment of investing professionals, frequently referred to around these parts as "The Wise " The street is so named because it was once the site of a wall built in the 1600s by the Dutch to protect what was then New Amsterdam
The financial district in New York City where the New York Stock Exchange, American Stock Exchange, and many brokerage firms are located Also a reference to the investment community in general
Generic term for the securities industry firms that buy, sell, and underwrite securities
It is the chief financial center of the United States, hence the name is often used for the money market and the financial interests of the country
The controlling financial interests of the United States Wall Street itself is located in New York City
1: Term used when referring to the investment community as a whole-also referred to as "the Street"
The financial sector of Mainframe, characterized by the large towers RB: 1
Nickname for the financial district in lower Manhattan of New York City and the location of the New York Stock Exchange, other markets, and many other investment firms
used to allude to the securities industry of the United States a street in lower Manhattan where the New York Stock Exchange is located; symbol of American finance
a street in lower Manhattan where the New York Stock Exchange is located; symbol of American finance
used to allude to the securities industry of the United States
the popular name for the New York Stock Exchange, or for all the financial institutions in and around this street
A street towards the southern end of the borough of Manhattan, New York City, extending from Broadway to the East River; so called from the old wall which extended along it when the city belonged to the Dutch
Famous street in Manhattan's financial district where the New York Stock Exchange is located More generally, the term for high finance--big banks, brokerages, insurance companies and others--and those whose economic interests are identified with high finance
Generic term for firms that buy, sell, and underwrite securities
Popular name for New York Stock Exchange, which is located at the corner of Board Street and Wall Street Figuratively, Wall Street means high finance
Common name for the New York City financial district located in the lower portion of Manhattan (and also the name of an actual street in the area) where the New York and American stock exchanges and many brokerage firms are headquartered It is also a generic term for anything associated with investing or the stock market
Wall Street Crash
the sudden large fall in the value of company shares on the US Stock Exchange in October 1929. For about two years before this, the price of shares had risen very fast, and when people realized that companies were therefore worth more than their true value, they lost confidence. The severe fall that followed led directly to the Great Depression of the 1930s
Wall Street Journal
a respected US daily newspaper, which is also sold in many other countries and which deals mainly with business and economics Financial Times, The
Wall Street Journal
{i} leading daily newspaper in the United States that focuses on financial and economic matters
The Wall Street Journal
U.S. daily national newspaper, the most influential American business-oriented paper and one of the most respected dailies in the world. Founded in 1889 by Charles H. Dow, founder of Dow Jones & Co., it quickly won success. Beginning in the Great Depression, the Wall Street Journal began to feature more articles, reviews, and opinion on other subjects. Published in New York City and with regional editions printed across the country, it has one of the highest daily circulations of any U.S. newspaper. It is also published in Asian, European, and other special editions
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Wall Street
wall street

    Türkische aussprache

    wôl strit


    main street


    /ˈwôl ˈstrēt/ /ˈwɔːl ˈstriːt/


    [ 'wol ] (noun.) before 12th century. Middle English, from Old English weall; akin to Middle High German wall; both from Latin vallum rampart, from vallus stake, palisade; perhaps akin to Old Norse volr staff; more at WALE.


    ... is that there was too much oversight and regulation of Wall Street? Because if you do, then Governor ...
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