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(Tıp) integrator
A person who, or a device which integrates
A device which calculates definite integrals
an electrical device commonly used to collect, perform calculations on, and display the detector output signal or chromatogram
Company that packages hardware and software to meet a customer's specification
Circuitry which converts an acceleration signal to a velocity signal or a velocity signal to a displacement signal
A company with whom a grower of animals contracts to grow and sell those animals The integrator usually owns the animals and provides the feed, medications, and most of the management of the animals
{i} person or thing that combines; integraph, machine that makes integral calculations
That which integrates; esp
Any electronic device that sums a measurement over time
A large business entity that owns or contracts with smaller businesses that perform specific steps in the swine production process Growing and finishing the hogs is just one of these steps Others include breeding and birthing, nursery care, transportation, processing, and marketing (see corporate hog farm, agribusiness)
an instrument by means of which the area of a figure can be measured directly, or its moment of inertia, or statical moment, etc
A software developer that uses the BBSM SDK to extend the functionality of the BBSM
The integrator is a part of a regulatory systems where the status of a regulated variable is compared to a set-point The integrator also makes "decisions" regarding the appropriate actions to take in the event that a deviation exists between the regulated variable and set-point (that is, on the basis of the error signal)
An equipment manufacturer
a measuring instrument for measuring the area of an irregular plane figure
1 In digital computers, a device for accomplishing a numeric approximation of the mathematical process of integration
a device that mathematically integrates and input For example and integrator connected to a flow meter will output the volume pasted since last reset
vücut yüzeylerini ölçmede kullanılan özel alet


    vü·cut yü·zey·le·ri·ni ölç·me·de kul·la·nı·lan ö·zel a·let