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unpleasant or disagreeable
unpleasant to the taste
{a} nauseous, disgusting, sickly, bad
1. Not pleasing to the taste: an unpalatable meal.2. Not pleasant or agreeable: unpalatable truths
{s} not tasty, not appealing to the palate
If you describe food as unpalatable, you mean that it is so unpleasant that you can hardly eat it. a lump of dry, unpalatable cheese
not pleasant or acceptable to the taste or mind; "an unpalatable meal"; "unpalatable truths"; "unpalatable behavior
If you describe an idea as unpalatable, you mean that you find it unpleasant and difficult to accept. It is an unpalatable fact that rape makes a good news story It was only then that I began to learn the unpalatable truth about John. = distasteful
The state of being unpalatable
The extent to which something is unpalatable
the property of being unacceptable to the mouth