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Englisch - Türkisch
alt sırlama
çinicilikte sırlanmadan önce çizilmiş veya konulmuş
Englisch - Englisch
A decorative slip applied to the surface of pottery before glazing
Applied under the glaze, that is, before the glaze, that is, before the glaze is put on; fitted to be so applied; said of colors in porcelain painting
pigments applied to the raw clay or bisque and covered with a transparent glaze
Pigments applied to the raw clay or bisque and covered with a transparent glaze, having the advantage of permanence
decoration may be applied to a body in the form of coloring oxides, colored stains, or underglaze colors
decoration applied directly to the bisque and then covered with a protective glaze coating making it resistant to wear
Oxide color mixtures which are applied to bisque or green ware and over which a transparent glaze is applied To prevent excessive feathering of edges, underglazes are usually a mix of metallic oxides and a fritted stable glaze
– Colored slip which is applied directly to the greenware
usually refers to pigments, applied to raw or bisqued clay, that are normally covered with a glaze, such as commercial liquid underglazes like AMACO, chalks/crayons, and pencils   May also describe the technique of application of pigments such as washes
{i} glaze applied to create a surface which can be ornamented and on top of which a second glaze is applied; coloring or decoration applied to porcelain or pottery before it is glazed