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Tom ve Mary teniste yenilemez. - Tom and Mary are unbeatable at tennis.

Yenilemez olduğumu düşünmüyorum. - I don't think I'm unbeatable.

invincible, unbeatable
Yenilmez yenilmez
Englisch - Englisch
That cannot be beaten, defeated or overcome
{s} cannot be beaten, cannot be defeated (e.g. of an athlete)
incapable of being overcome or subdued; "an invincible army"; "her invincible spirit"
hard to defeat; "an unbeatable ball team"
In a game or competition, if you describe a person or team as unbeatable, you mean that they win so often, or perform so well that they are unlikely to be beaten by anyone. The opposition was unbeatable With two more days of competition to go China is in an unbeatable position. = invincible
hard to defeat; "an unbeatable ball team
emphasis If you describe something as unbeatable, you mean that it is the best thing of its kind. These resorts, like Magaluf and Arenal, remain unbeatable in terms of price. unbeatable Italian cars
unbeatable price
cheap price which one cannot find at any other place
in a manner that cannot be beaten, undefeatably, unconquerably