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Englisch - Türkisch
çok şirin, çok hoş; çok duygusal- Twee little shops.- The lyrics are too twee in places
fazla nazlı
{s} tuhaf
s., İng., k.dili. şirin ama yapmacık
aşırı hassas
Englisch - Englisch
Overly quaint, dainty, cute or nice

Those Beatrix Potter animals are a little twee for my taste.

{s} sweet, delicate, lovable, gentle (slang)
disapproval If you say that something is twee, it is pretty or sentimental in a way that you think is excessive or silly. Overly precious or nice. very pretty or perfect, in a way that you find silly or unpleasant (A baby's way of saying sweet)
affectedly dainty or refined
twee pop
A type of pop music with simple melodies and lyrics, usually quaint or cute