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Englisch - Türkisch
silindir yatağı
(Askeri) MUYLU: Bir top kundağında desteklik vazifesi gören ve namlunun, yükseliş verildiği zaman, etrafında dönebileceği yatay ekseni teşkil eden iki eksenden biri
{i} top muylusu
(isim) top muylusu
trunnion housing
mafsal muhafazası
trunnion bearing
taban yatağı
trunnion block
kayıcı frezeli mil
trunnion housing
(İnşaat) muylu muhafazası
trunnion pin
muylu pimi
trunnion slide
fren mili glisiyeri
Englisch - Englisch
A similar rotational bearing comprised of a rotating arc or ring sliding in the groove of a stationary arc, used in machinery to allow a workpiece to be moved relative to a fixed tool
The short stubby bearings on either side of a cannon; a gudgeon
It is usually tubular, to convey steam
of Cannon
The cylinders upon which the gun barrel pivots up and down
Knobs on a stone or metal blade for hafting to a handle
A cylindrical projection on each side of a piece, whether gun, mortar, or howitzer, serving to support it on the cheeks of the carriage
a rotational bearing, any one of
Twin cylindrical projections, cast as part of a gun tube and projecting to left and right at right angles to the bore, slightly forward of the center of gravity The trunnions supported the weight of the guns as it rested on its carriage, and the piece pivoted on them as it was raised or lowered in elevation Placing trunnions forward of the center of balance (4/7 of the distance from breech to muzzle was an 18th-century rule of thumb) placed the preponderance of tube weight at the breech end and kept the piece stable when fired
A gudgeon on each side of an oscillating steam cylinder, to support it
A device for mounting cylinders (010)