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Türkisch - Englisch
Notable for its size, power, or excellence

Van Beethoven's ninth symphony is a tremendous piece of music.

Extremely large (in amount, extent, degree, etc.) or great

There was a tremendous outpouring of support.

awe-inspiring; terrific
{a} awful, dreadful, horrible, vile
extremely large (in amount, extent, degree etc.) or great; enormous; extraordinary
extraordinarily large in size or extent or amount or power or degree; "an enormous boulder"; "enormous expenses"; "tremendous sweeping plains"; "a tremendous fact in human experience; that a whole civilization should be dependent on technology"- Walter Lippman; "a plane took off with a tremendous noise"
extraordinarily good; used especially as intensifiers; "a fantastic trip to the Orient"; "the film was fantastic!"; "a howling success"; "a marvelous collection of rare books"; "had a rattling conversation about politics"; "a tremendous achievement"
emphasis You use tremendous to emphasize how strong a feeling or quality is, or how large an amount is. I felt a tremendous pressure on my chest = terrific + tremendously tre·men·dous·ly The business is tremendously profitable
{s} very great in numbers, huge, enormous, powerful
Fitted to excite fear or terror; such as may astonish or terrify by its magnitude, force, or violence; terrible; dreadful; as, a tremendous wind; a tremendous shower; a tremendous shock or fall
You can describe someone or something as tremendous when you think they are very good or very impressive. I thought it was absolutely tremendous. = terrific + tremendously tre·men·dous·ly I thought they played tremendously well, didn't you?