treasure island

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an adventure story for children by Robert Louis Stevenson about a young man called Jim Hawkins who is trying to find some treasure (=gold, jewels, coins etc) that has been buried on an island. He discovers that some of the sailors on his ship are pirates (=sailors who violently rob other ships) led by Long John Silver (1883)
{i} novel by Robert Louis Stevenson (19th century Scottish author); artificial island in San Francisco Bay (USA) used as a naval base from 1941 to 1997; city in Florida (USA)
treasure island


    treas·ure is·land

    Türkische aussprache

    trejır aylınd


    /ˈtreᴢʜər ˈīlənd/ /ˈtrɛʒɜr ˈaɪlənd/