to unfurl a reef from a sail

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shake out
silkip atmak
shake out
shake out
(Fiili Deyim ) silkerek boşaltmak
shake out
açmak (yelken vb.)
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shake out

Thunder! he cried. A week! I can't do that; they'd have the black spot on me by then. The lubbers is going about to get the wind of me this blessed moment; lubbers as couldn't keep what they got, and want to nail what is another's. Is that seamanly behavior, now, I want to know? But I'm a saving soul. I never wasted good money of mine, nor lost it neither; and I'll trick 'em again. I'm not afraid on 'em. I'll shake out another reef, matey, and daddle 'em again..

to unfurl a reef from a sail


    to un·furl a reef from a sail

    Türkische aussprache

    tı ınfırl ı rif fırm ı seyl


    /tə ənˈfərl ə ˈrēf fərm ə ˈsāl/ /tə ənˈfɜrl ə ˈriːf fɜrm ə ˈseɪl/

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