to sadden

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Englisch - Englisch
To become sad or unhappy

Nor blank vacuity 'twixt orb and orb.

{v} to make sad, make gloomy, deepen
To make sad
If something saddens you, it makes you feel sad. The cruelty in the world saddens me incredibly. + saddened sad·dened He was disappointed and saddened that legal argument had stopped the trial. + saddening sad·den·ing a saddening experience. to make someone feel sad
To make dull- or sad-colored, as cloth
make unhappy; `The news of her death saddened me' come to feel sad
To become, or be made, sad
{f} cause to be unhappy, cause to be despondent; become unhappy, become despondent
To make sad or unhappy
To render heavy or cohesive
come to feel sad
make unhappy; `The news of her death saddened me'
To make grave or serious; to make melancholy or sorrowful
to sadden