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Englisch - Türkisch
{i} gök gürültülü fırtına

Siyah bulutlar gelen gök gürültülü fırtınayı bildirdi. - Black clouds announced the coming thunderstorm.

Gök gürültülü fırtınaları sever misin? - Do you like thunderstorms?

(Çevre) yıldırımlı fırtına

Gökgürültülü fırtınalardan gerçekten korkarım. - I'm really scared of thunderstorms.


Fırtınalar tahmin edilmektedir. - Thunderstorms are predicted.

Gök gürültülü fırtınaları sever misin? - Do you like thunderstorms?

{i} gök gürültülü sağanak
{i} sağanak

Sağanak dün posta dağıtımını geciktirdi. - The thunderstorm yesterday delayed the delivery of the mail.

Sağanak yağmur nedeniyle maç durduruldu. - The match was stopped due to a thunderstorm.

thunderstorm cirrus
(Meteoroloji) oraj sirrusu
thunderstorm cirrus
(Meteoroloji) oraj sirrüsü
thunderstorm cirrus
(Meteoroloji) boran tüybulutu
severe thunderstorm
(Meteoroloji) kuvvetli oraj
severe thunderstorm
(Meteoroloji) etkili oraj
centre of the thunderstorm
fırtına merkezi
high altitude thunderstorm
yüksek irtifa fırtınası
sleep through thunderstorm
mışıl mışıl uyumak
vortex thunderstorm
(Çevre) hortumlu fırtına
Englisch - Englisch
A storm consisting of thunder and lightning produced by a cumulonimbus, usually accompanied with rain or hail. A more severe thunderstorm can cause mesocyclones
A storm accompanied with lightning and thunder
A local storm (accompanied by lightning and thunder) produced by a cumulonimbus cloud, usually with gusty winds, heavy rain, and sometimes hail Non-severe thunderstorms rarely have lifetimes over two hours A typical non-severe thunderstorm life cycle consists of three stages: cumulus stage, mature stage, and dissipation stage
A rain or snow shower in which there is lightning Thunder is always caused by lightning In general, the upward and downward winds, updrafts and downdrafts, in thunderstorms are more violent than those in ordinary showers
n A spectacular symphony of nature in which rolling thunder complements streaks of lightning against dark and majestic clouds, droplets pour forth to clean the air and make soft ripples in puddles, staining everything a deep and rich shade, the flowers come open and children dance, and civilization dons galoshes and raincoats, muttering about what a bother it is
a local storm that's accompanied by thunder and lightning A severe thunderstorm comes with damaging winds and gusts to more than 60-80 kph, heavy rain and possibly hailstones, frequent lightning and occasionally a tornado They're most prevalent from late May to early September Southern Ontario receives the most thunderstorms (about 30-35 per year), while the Northwest Territories experiences the fewest (two to three storms per year)
is a local storm resulting from rising warm humid air, which produces lightning and therefore thunder, usually accompanied by rain or hail, gusty winds, and strong vertical air motion
Produced by a cumulonimbus cloud, it is a storm of relatively short duration characterized by thunder, lightning, gusty surface winds, turbulence, hail, icing, precipitation, moderate to extreme up and downdrafts, and under the most severe conditions, tornadoes
Produced by a cumulonimbus cloud, it is a microscale event of relatively short duration characterized by thunder, lightning, gusty surface winds, turbulence, hail, icing, precipitation, moderate to extreme up and downdrafts, and under the most severe conditions, tornadoes
A thunderstorm is a storm in which there is thunder and lightning and a lot of heavy rain. a storm with thunder and lightning. Violent, short-lived atmospheric disturbance, almost always associated with cumulonimbus clouds (very tall, dense rain clouds) and accompanied by thunder and lightning. Such storms usually generate strong, gusty winds and heavy rain, and occasionally hail or tornadoes. Thunderstorms have been known to occur in almost every part of the world, although they are rare in the polar regions. In the U.S. the areas of maximum thunderstorm activity are the Florida peninsula and the coast of the Gulf of Mexico (70-80 days per year)
Thunder and lightning with outbreaks of rain, hail, etc
A storm several kilometers in diameter created by the rapid lifting of moist warm air which creates a cumulonimbus cloud Thunderstorms can have the following severe weather associated with them: strong winds; hail; lightning; tornadoes; thunder; and heavy rain
{i} electrical storm, storm of thunder and lightning
a local storm produced by a cumulonimbus cloud and accompanied by lightning and thunder
(TS, TSRA, TSTM) - A shower accompanied by thunder It is always accompanied by lightning and thunder, and occasionally by strong gusty winds, hail, and or heavy rain
A storm with lightning and thunder, produced by a cumulonimbus cloud, usually producing gusty winds, heavy rain and sometimes hail
Local storm resulting from warm humid air rising in an unstable environment Air may start moving upward because of unequal surface heating, the lifting of warm air along a frontal zone, or diverging upper-level winds (these diverging winds draw air up beneath them) The scattered thunderstorms that develop in the summer are called air-mass thunderstorms because they form in warm, maritime tropical air masses away from other weather fronts More violent severe thunderstorms form in areas with a strong vertical wind shear that forces the updraft into the mature stage, the most intense stage of the thunderstorm Severe thunderstorms can produce large hail, forceful winds, flash floods, and tornadoes
storm accompanied by thunder and lightning
a storm resulting from strong rising air currents; heavy rain or hail along with thunder and lightning
look like a dead duck in a thunderstorm
{f} be ugly, be unattractive, be messy
plural of thunderstorm



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    /ˈᴛʜəndərˌstôrm/ /ˈθʌndɜrˌstɔːrm/


    [ -"storm ] (noun.) 1652. English, from thunder, and storm.

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