tell people apart

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tell apart
To be able to know the difference between things; to distinguish

They are identical twins, and if they dress the same, everybody has trouble telling them apart.

tell apart
{f} know the difference between, distinguish
tell apart
mark as different; "We distinguish several kinds of maple"
tell apart
detect with the senses; "The fleeing convicts were picked out of the darkness by the watchful prison guards"; "I can't make out the faces in this photograph"
tell apart
If you can tell people or things apart, you are able to recognize the differences between them and can therefore identify each of them. Perhaps it is the almost universal use of flavourings that makes it so hard to tell the products apart
tell people apart


    tell peo·ple a·part

    Türkische aussprache

    tel pipıl ıpärt


    /ˈtel ˈpēpəl əˈpärt/ /ˈtɛl ˈpiːpəl əˈpɑːrt/

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