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Türkisch - Englisch
good finish, proper degree of fatness (of an animal)
temper, annealing; opportune moment, right time
opportune time; favorable state or condition
the exact degree of heat or dampness (required for the manipulation of a material)
slang trick, deception
the degree of dampness and heat in the soil necessary for healthy plant growth
annealing, anneal (of steel or glass)
correct heat
opportune moment
right time
{i} heat

Induction cookers use magnets to directly heat pots and pans. - Indüksiyon ocakları doğrudan tencere ve tavalar ısıtmak için mıknatıslar kullanır.

Roast the bhakri while the pan is heated. - Demir tavında dövülür.

tav vermek
tav olmak
slang to fall for (someone's) trick, be duped by (someone's) trick: O bize tav oldu. He fell for our trick
tav vermek
1. to dampen (clothes, paper, tobacco) (before ironing, etc.): Ütülenecek çamaşıra tav verdi. She dampened the clothes which were to be ironed. 2. to anneal (steel, glass)
tav vermek
to anneal, to dampen
av avlanmış, tav tavlanmış
(Konuşma Dili) It is finished and done./What has happened has happened
mıknatıslı tav
magnetic annealing
Englisch - Türkisch
(Askeri) toplam varlık imkanı (total asset visibility)
tav çukuru
(Mühendislik) Soaking pit, reheating pit