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a hard animal fat obtained from suet etc.; used to make candles, soap and lubricants
{v} to smear or grease with tallow
{n} the hard fat of an animal, chiefly that of the bovine species and sheep
{i} hard fat obtained from animal products (used to make candles, soap, etc.); fatty substance obtained from plants
To cause to have a large quantity of tallow; to fatten; as, tallow sheep
Tallow is hard animal fat that is used for making candles and soap. hard animal fat used to make candles (talg)
The white (nearly tasteless) solid rendered fat of cattle and sheep used for making candles, soap, and pet foods
To grease or smear with tallow
The fat produced by the rendering process It covers a whole range of different products from human food to animal feed and technical greases
The fat of some other animals, or the fat obtained from certain plants, or from other sources, resembling the fat of animals of the sheep and ox kinds
A mixture of animal fat refined for use in candles
The harder and less fusible fat in animals and vegetables
The suet or fat of animals of the sheep and ox kinds, separated from membranous and fibrous matter by melting
obtained from suet and used in making soap, candles and lubricants
tallow oil
an animal oil obtained by pressing tallow; used as a lubricant
Chinese tallow tree
An ornamental tree (Sapium sebiferum), native to China and Japan and naturalized in the southern United States and having a thick waxy seed coat that is used in making candles and soap. Also called vegetable tallow
beef tallow
tallow obtained from a bovine animal
mutton tallow
tallow from the body of a mature sheep
vegetable tallow
a waxy fat obtained from certain plants e
vegetable tallow
bayberry and used as tallow



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    /ˈtalō/ /ˈtæloʊ/


    [ 'ta-(")lO ] (noun.) 14th century. Middle English talgh, talow, from Old English taluh, talugh, from Proto-Germanic *talgō, *talgan (compare Dutch talk, German Talg), from Proto-Indo-European *del- (“flow”) (compare Middle Irish delt (“dew”), Old Armenian տեղ (teł, “heavy rain”)).

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